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Super Healthy Food for Busy / Low-Energy People

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Recipe Guidelines [Mar. 26th, 2007|07:08 pm]
Super Healthy Food for Busy / Low-Energy People


This post is subject to change as new information and opinions come in.

Recipes should be:

Wheat & Gluten-Free
Sugar Free
(This means no added sugars, no sugar syrups and no honey, etc. All sugar found in fruit naturally is exempted but any recipe with a lot of fructose should include a warning that they are high in natural sugars.)
Dairy Free (nonfat sugar free live active culture yogurts being the only exception)
High in Antioxidants and/or Phytonutrients (in the fruits & veggies)

Whenever possible include how many servings of each group there are in the meal.

Bonus Points for Recipes that also apply the following guidelines!

Nightshade Free!
Super Quick & Easy to Prepare
Diabetic Friendly! - To keep one's blood sugar level balanced, the Ideal Daily meals are approximately:

38% grains & starches
31% protein
31% non-starchy vegetables & fruits

Go Here to determine serving sizes.


Add tags to your recipe posts so that people can search for specific recipes:

gluten free
sugar free
nightshade free
yeast free

My brainfog is kicking in so I will work on this in a bit.