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Super Foods! Super Easy!

Super Healthy Food for Busy / Low-Energy People
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In simplest terms - I want to create a cookbook full of recipes of the absolutely healthiest foods, where the meals are either super easy to prepare or can be pre-made and saved for later and the ingredients are inexpensive or cost-effective (canned, dried & frozen).

In more specific terms - I want to create a cookbook that will benefit everyday people, but that is especially useful for people suffering from or trying to prevent chronic illnesses, auto-immune disorders, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, allergies and obesity. Not only do people with chronic illnesses have special dietary requirements, they have physical limitations from a lack of energy and often have a limited budget from not being able to work regular jobs.

What does that mean in terms of recipes?

Here are the determining factors for whether or not a food will be included in my list of "healthy foods". One - when eaten moderately or even frequently it should not contribute to any major health problems such as heart-disease, obesity, diabetes or arthritis. Should not contain carcinogens, artificial ingredients, hormones or toxic pollutants such as mercury. They should be high in things like vitamins, phytonutrients, antioxidants or fiber.

All my suggestions are based on research, preferably collaborated by multiple sources and not purely anecdotal. So if I mention a food as unhealthy and you want to dispute it, please also include reputable websites backing up your opinion. The same goes for foods I list as okay. I welcome all informative feedback.

Eating healthy isn't easy because most of us weren't raised with healthy eating habits. It is my hope that people will join this community to contribute their own recipes so that eating this way will BECOME easy. Please check out my first post to get an idea of what foods are okay to eat, so you can come up with recipe ideas. Feel free to suggest things to add to the interest list too!


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